Iced are 10!

You may not believe it, but we have just celebrated our 10th birthday – 10 whole years of cake creating fun, and to think it all started in our little shop on Bridge Street, which not only brought together 3 creative minds, but a lot of cake crafting experience too!

Over the years, our little shop became just that – too little – and 5 years ago we moved into our current premises, which is situated in a prime position on Garstang’s historic High Street. Here we’ve had the room to grow and, as well as being able to stock a selection of cake decoration accessories and equipment, we’ve also been able to add a comfy lounge area where you can put your feet up and enjoy a slice of our cake (with a brew of course!). It also makes the perfect spot for cake tasting sessions, which we offer to every Bride and Groom who choose us to make the cake for their special day.


So who are we?

Well, we are a team of 3 – Jill is our wonderful design consultant who is always ‘Front of House’, and Lynne and Adele are our sugarcraft artists, skilled in all things ‘cakey’. From modelling and gilding, to flower making and handpainting – they can work with a range of media including florist paste, modelling paste and sugar paste, to create the cake of your dreams!

Over the years we have had the chance to create all sorts of cakes for all sorts of people and, though we still make cakes for the same occasions, the styles have certainly evolved. One thing will never change though – we still love making cakes as much as we did 10 years ago!